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What Happens' seks års fødselsdag på lørdag

Seks år med What Happens. Seks år som Danmarks førende månedlige klubaften med uforglemmelige minder, ekstraordinære fester og besøg af en endeløs række af jordens største DJs og talenter - danske som udenlandske.

Skrevet af Steffen Henriksen den 13/03-2013 kl. 10:22

Alle veje fører til Culture Box, og engelske Timo Garcia er en af hovedattraktionerne. har fået et lille interview:

Hey Timo, thanks for taking time out to talk to us. You’ve had a long impressive career as a DJ starting back in the day when DJing was all about vinyl. Tell us how and where it all started. It was around the time I was 15 years old and used to hire a local club to put bands on upstairs and me and my mates would play records on the main floor of the club. Mostly Indie Dance stuff of the time like New Order, The Smiths, The Cure, Happy Mondays, Stone Roses, Primal Scream etc.

How do you see the club scene back then compared to now? Well a few years after that I started going to the Haçienda in Manchester which was a revelation and nothing has really ever come close to it since!

Later on you’ve turned your hands on productions. When was that and how do you see yourself today. Are you more a DJ or a producer or do the things go hand in hand? I guess now it goes hand in hand although I still see myself as primarily a DJ.

You have signed records to tons of labels out there. This is the case in most cases now opposite to earlier. What would be your best advice to up and coming producers? To sign to as many different labels as possible or stick to just a few and try to build a closer relationship? I would love to have been able to stick close with one or two labels to develop a closer relationship with them but unfortunately my production has always been so varied and across many genres that no single label was willing to put out everything I produce hence sometimes putting a 118BPM Deep House track on Compost one week to a 130BPM banger the next on 303 Lovers/Hotfingers. I don’t like to tie myself down to one niche sound and make music that genuinely reflects my mood so on a Monday I might write some beatless chillout music and on a Friday some banging Techno!

Speaking of productions… What things can we expect from you in the months to come? I've got a couple of huge projects on the go which I cant disclose just yet but its safe to say im working with some of my heros at the moment! Also im compiling a chillout compilation for Hotel Es Vive in Ibiza which is a great honour and has been fun to make as well as another chillout artist album under my T_Mo guise.

I know you’re also engineering for a lot of other people but it still seems as if every ordinary schoolboy try to make music on their laptop these days. Is this a good or a bad thing? Yeah I've engineered for over 70 people now I think! It can only be a good thing though, if young people are encouraged to make music and find that it’s a lot more accessible these days. You don’t have to invest £30,000 in a studio these days for starters.. The only problem comes when there is no quality control over what gets released on download sites that finding really great new music can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack!

You were based in Leeds, then London and now living in Brighton. Has the moving had anything to do with your career in the music industry and why? Yeah I moved from Paris where I was having a lot of fun in the early 90’s to Leeds for University and then back to London to work and pay off my student debts. We lived all over London with almost 4 years on Brick Lane in Shoreditch then 4 years in the quiet leafy streets of North London after id stopped playing vinyl around the bars of East London and had started to do lots of bigger international gigs with CDs and now memory sticks! London is way too hectic and overpriced so we decided to move out and hit the South Coast to get some fresh sea air. There’s still an amazing club scene down here with promoters like DPM and Moody Disco so I play just as much here as I did in London and its only a 1hour train back in for gigs there.

You’re known as a man of strong opinions and also a man who is not afraid of letting others know what you think. Has this helped your career or got you any enemies over the years?
Haha.. you read that article in The Sun then?! Yeah I found that as soon as I started to get successful with my production, signing to big labels and seeing my gigs get bigger and better that a few of the DJs I used to play with on the local scene got jealous and started backstabbing and spreading rumours. Sad really..

What has been the proudest moment in you career so far?
Working with some of the artists I have admired so much over the years in the studio as collaborations such as with X-Press 2 and DJ Pierre. Also getting my 2nd ever release named as Essential New Tune on Pete Tong’s radio show was pretty special too.

To get a well-deserved rest from the music every now and then, what do you do? Go for 14 mile hikes over the South Downs and back along the coastal sea front paths..

Do you have any bad habits to tell us about?
Yes… his name is Jack….. Jack Daniels!

To round things off, please tell us something about Timo Garcia we still don’t know? The more observant amongst you will find out on the night at Culture Box…. ;)

Her er i øvrigt Timo Garcia’s mix til What Happens Podcast 015:

Culture Box, Kronprinsessegade 54A, 1306 KBH K
Lørdag den 16. Marts 2013

Black Box:
Timo Garcia (UK) / Tim Andresen

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Nolan (UK) / Paxton Fettel Live / Mr. Leman & Thomas Dieckmann Live / Kant

White Box:
Steffen H / Ian Bang / Myhre & Seierø

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